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The late Bakili Muluzi’s son endorsed for Malawi’s presidency

By AfricaBrief

The United Democratic Front (UDF) has unanimously endorsed Austin Atupele Muluzi as its presidential candidate for the 2025 elections in Malawi, the party’s spokesperson has announced.

During a mass rally at the Makalanga CCAP Ground in Blantyre, Mwawa stated that the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) agreed to back Muluzi’s candidacy at the upcoming party convention.

“We believe in his potential and wisdom, considering his impeccable record both within our party and at the national level,” Mwawa said.

Mwawa further praised Muluzi’s clean reputation, stating that he stands out among potential candidates due to the absence of corruption allegations against him.

“NEC agreed unanimously that when we go to the Party Convention, we must make Atupele Muluzi our presidential candidate for the 2025 elections,” Mwawa told the rally attendees.

“We will not prevent anyone from challenging Atupele’s candidature, as the UDF is a democratic party that values individual ambitions.”

The UDF spokesperson emphasized that the party would contest the elections independently, without forming alliances.

However, he clarified that the party would allow challenges to Muluzi’s candidacy, as the UDF values democratic principles.

Dorothy Masinga, the UDF’s Southern Region Governor, echoed Mwawa’s sentiments, highlighting the party’s role in Malawi’s development during the administration of Bakili Muluzi, Atupele’s father and former president.

“The UDF was the best option to drive the country’s agenda, focusing on tangible development that benefits the people rather than a select few,” Masinga said.

She announced the party’s commitment to rebranding and reclaiming its former glory.

The UDF rally also introduced two highly educated individuals, Chikhulupiliro Weston Chanthunya and Genarasimo Lemani, who are seeking parliamentary seats to contribute their expertise to the betterment of Malawi.

As the UDF prepares for the 2025 elections, the party aims to regain its former status as a political giant in Malawi, reminding supporters that it was the UDF that ended the one-party rule of the Malawi Congress Party in 1994.

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