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NetOne roadshows deepen community ties

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LEADING telecommunications provider ,NetOne’s ongoing roadshows running on the back of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) will forever leave lasting impressions for bring the City of Bulawayo to a standstill.

The road shows are strategically taking place in high-traffic areas such as Renkini, Entumbane, Luveve, Cowdray Park, Nkulumane, Sekusile, Emganwini, and Nketa 6 in line with the firm’s strategy to enhance connectivity and foster a dynamic synergy that promises substantial benefits for both residents and businesses in Bulawayo.

“NetOne’s road shows are a vital step towards bridging the digital divide in Bulawayo. By reaching high-traffic areas, the company aims to extend reliable connectivity to communities that may have previously faced limited access to the internet.

“This initiative ensures that residents from all walks of life can participate fully in the digital economy and access educational, economic, and social opportunities,” the company said.

The road shows also provide an excellent platform for local businesses to explore the advantages of reliable internet connectivity.

With enhanced connectivity, businesses can expand their reach, engage in e-commerce, and leverage online marketing platforms. The exposure gained through NetOne’s road shows can help entrepreneurs establish vital connections, attract new customers, and boost their revenue streams.

The concurrent occurrence of these road shows with ZITF amplifies business opportunities, showcases technological advancements, and accelerates economic development.

“The synergy between NetOne’s road shows and ZITF contributes to the economic growth of Bulawayo city. Increased connectivity and business opportunities generated by the events stimulate productivity, attract investment, and create employment opportunities. This positive economic impact benefits both the local community and the broader region,”added NetOne

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