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Palestine envoy salutes Zim’s comradely donation

By Staff Writer

PALESTINE envoy in Zimbabwe has hailed the Southern Africa nation for the comradely donation extended at a time of need.

Early this month the government donated US$500 000 to the State of Palestine as an expression of solidarity in the wake of the ongoing Israeli onslaught.

As the conflict in the Gaza strip continues unabated despite global calls for a ceasefire the government of Zimbabwe handed over US$500 000 to the Palestinian representative in Zimbabwe, His Excellency Tamer Almassri .

The funds will be channeled through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

Speaking to the Humanitarian Post this week, Almassri hailed the gesture by Zimbabwe saying it is a gesture reflecting the true comradeship spirit between the two nations.

“First of all we are proud of our comradeship and friendship with the Republic of Zimbabwe. The solidarity gesture that we receive daily from the Government of Zimbabwe. It’s something which is highly appreciated from all the Palestinian people.

“What Zimbabwe did last month by handing over a US$500 000 donation to support all the  victims of the Israeli genocide through provision of food , medicine to the Gazans is an important gesture in our friendship,” he said.

Almassri said unfortunately Zimbabwe remains under illegal sanctions with the country enduring untold suffering for 22 years until now.

“But in spite of that Zimbabwe has taken from its mouth and decided to share the piece of bread with the Palestinian people. This actually demonstrates the fruits of our shared values.

“The two countries have stood by each other’s side despite hardships .This is a clear lesson for everyone that we subscribe to a very principled relationship,” said Almassri.

The Palestinian diplomat said the two nations remain aware of the hardships and struggles they have been in together.

“Palestinian people are also aware that despite the suffering of the Zimbabwean people, they still manage to spare something. This is a lesson of morality. A message of the supportive Zimbabwe,” he added.

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