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Palestine envoy in Zim blasts Israeli forces for secret burials

By Staff Writer

In an effort to hide its atrocious crimes, the Israeli occupation forces buried hundreds of Palestinians in a mass grave inside the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, during the Israeli invasion.

So far more than 210 martyrs were retrieved from the mass grave after the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from the city. Israel is now a voracious death machine turning hospitals in Gaza into graveyards.

Many martyrs were stripped naked before executed while dead bodies found with stolen parts like heads, skins, eyes   and others bodies are turned to ashes suggesting that Israel is using weapons that are not permitted at international law. Ambassador Tamer Almassri calls for the international institutions to investigate the weapons that are used by the Israeli forces in committing the genocide in Gaza.

The majority of the martyrs retrieved so far from mass graves across the Gaza Strip are women and children, as the Israeli occupation forces have been deliberately field-executing Palestinian civilians or crushing them to death by bulldozers and subsequently burying them in hospital yards or elsewhere.

An estimated 500 persons have been missing in the aftermath of the Israeli invasion of Khan Yunis, while a total of nearly 2,000 have been unaccounted for after the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from several areas of the Strip.

Ambassador Almassri reiterates that these mass graves are obvious evidence of genocide and the most unthinkable war crimes by apartheid Israel. And yet, the America and its allies have signed off on $26 billion in weapons to fuel the genocidal Israeli military, while Israel threatens a full scale ground invasion to massacre Palestinians in Rafah.

Meanwhile, Israeli strikes in the coastal enclave are ongoing, including on the southern Gaza city of Rafah, where overnight raids killed 22 people, including 18 children. Israel has carried out near daily air raids on Rafah, where more than half of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million has sought refuge.

At least three Palestinians have been killed when Israeli forces stormed the towns of Anabta and Kafr al-Labad, east of Tulkarem , West Bank. Armed settlers and the Israeli army have killed 473 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank while displacing hundreds of people from their lands.

The Palestinian death toll from the Israeli onslaught since the genocide war began has risen to 34,097 reported fatalities, with an additional 76,980 individuals sustaining injuries. The majority of the victims are women and children. over 10 000 are still under the rubble.

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