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Tshabangu and crew meet as confusion creeps in

By Agencies  

The opposition CCC’s self-appointed nine-member interim steering committee led by self-proclaimed secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu says it will meet tomorrow to discuss founding party leader Nelson Chamisa’s decision to quit the organisation, saying it has now been infiltrated and hijacked by Zanu PF and its political agents.

Chamisa dropped the political bombshell today, abandoning the opposition which has MPs, senators and councillors, some of whom have been recalled and replaced by Tshabangu’s supporters and Zanu PF MPs through by-elections.

More by-elections are coming on 3 February 2024.

About 23 pro-Chamisa recalled MPs were barred by the courts from bye-elections, and that seems to have the last draw straw for the popular opposition leader.

The CCC interim committee’s treasurer Mbuso Siso told a private weekly :

“Our nine-member interim steering committee will meet as a matter of urgency tomorrow to discuss the announcement by former CCC president Nelson Chamisa and the way forward. It’s unfortunate that he quit this way telling people that he no longer has anything to do with the CCC without officially writing to us as the interim committee running the party.

“We only saw his departure on social media and it’s all over the place. All the same, we can’t hold him to ransom to be our leader when no longer wants to one, so we will meet to discuss the issue and the state of the party going forward.

“We have a constitution which we used before the general elections to field double candidates to protest impositions of party representatives in the polls.

“Our discussions will guide us on how we move forward without the former president, looking at the constitution and the roadmap towards congress.

“In the meantime, I will call him – Chamisa – to confirm that he has quit the party. I last spoke to him a month ago when we were dealing with the state of the party and talking about important issues affecting Matabeleland region. So I will find out from him more on his announcement and what we need from him after he has left.

“As acting treasurer-general, i want all the books, accounts and records of expenditures for accountability purposes. We need to know from records of how much he and the party received from donations and how the money was used. We also need to know if the party has some assets that should remain in its name after his departure.”

The committee running the CCC has Dingilizwe Tshuma, former legislator for Entumbane-Njube constituency in Bulawayo as chair; Albert Mhlanga (former Pumula MP and deputy); Sengezo Tshabangu (secretary-general); Khaliphani Phugeni (information); Sikhululekile Moyo (interim chairperson for women); Nomvula Mguni (ex-proportional representation MP), Mbuso Siso (treasurer) and Benoni Ncube (youth).

This is the self-imposed CCC structure which implemented the recalls, leading to Chamisa quitting, saying the party has now been “hijacked, bastardised and contaminated” by impostors and fraudsters.

Siso says the committee is the legitimate structure running the party, moreso after Chamisa’s departure and will work hard to take it forward henceforth.

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