Reputable persons, companies owing Harare ZiG940 mln set to be named and shamed

By Agencies

The Harare City Council has announced plans to publicly name and shame government departments, companies, and individuals who owe the municipality nearly ZiG1 billion.

In recent weeks, the City of Harare has issued letters of demand followed by court summons to debtors to recover outstanding bills.

This action, in line with Sections 279 and 281 of the Urban Councils Act, aims to collect over ZiG940 million owed to the City of Harare.

“The City of Harare is owed in excess of ZiG940 million by residents, businesses, parastatals and government departments among others. This is money that is needed to run the City operations and service delivery operations. We have since started issuing final demands and summons to our debtors.
“The summons will be served on all our debtors without fear or favour. The City will also embark on a name-and-shame exercise to encourage debtors to settle if they fail to honour their payments.

“Names of debtors will be posted on our social media platforms and at all district offices in Harare. To avoid the inconvenience of being taken to court with the possibility of losing property like houses, debtors are urged to immediately settle with the City,” said the City Council.

The City fathers blame these debtors for hindering service delivery, resulting in the municipality’s inability to provide basic services such as clean water and refuse collection in some residential areas.

Resultantly, the residents have been made to endure the deterioration of the capital city which has failed to manage outbreaks of diseases like cholera and typhoid.

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