Zinara rewards compliant motorists at ZITF

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The Zimbabwe National Road Administration is rewarding compliant motorists at the ongoing Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) that started in Bulawayo on Tuesday.

In the past, defaulting motorists were the biggest beneficiaries of Zinara promotions during events such as ZITF and the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show through waiver of licensing penalties.

Since 2023, ZINARA suspended this penalty waivers and this is the third public show case being hosted without penalty waivers.

In an interview yesterday, Zinara Head of Corporate communications and marketing Mrs Tsungie Manyeza said the culture of promoting defaulting motorists seemed to further non-compliance as most people were now only waiting to license their vehicles during ZITF.

She said such behavior was therefore impacting negatively on the disbursements that Zinara does to the road authorities.

“You may recall that we have been running promotions in the past waiving penalties on those vehicles with arrears,” said Mrs Manyeza.
“We realised that this promotion resulted in a false peak during the period, which did not culminate into sustained overall compliance. We have therefore started on a culture transformation drive to inculcate compliance by rewarding those motorists who are clearing their arrears and renewing their licenses.

To achieve this we are excited to have partners on board who include CBZ and Old Mutual who are offering discounts to motorists that are licensing their cars at ZITF and some of our selected offices provided they also buy insurance discs from the two corporates.

“Our target this year is to push vehicle licensing compliance up from the current average of 66%. This will also translate to meaningful disbursements to our road authorities.”

Mrs Manyeza said Zinara was also running parallel promotions where it was giving away five free tollgate passes to motorists licensing at their ZITF office.

As part of the ZITF exhibition, Manyeza said Zinara was showcasing some of their products meant to bring convenience to the motoring public such as the Frequent Travelers Express Pass and the ZINARA prepaid card.

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