Watershed College form two student, sex worker in court over payment dispute

By Staff Writer

A thirteen years old Watershed College student, Ryan Mazarire and a sex worker double his age have been arraigned before the courts after an altercation caused by the former’s failure to pay for services rendered.

It is the state’s case that Mazarire, a male juvenile residing at number 21884 Unit A Chitungwiza who is also a student at Watershed College doing form two on 22 February 2021 visited a dating website and selected Precious Teya (26) for sex services.

Teya then sent a message to the minor stating that NURUV US$15 , FATISH US$30, FULLHOUSE US$40 and sex US$20.

The 13 years old boy agreed and invited the accused person for sex on the 23rd of February 2021 in the morning.

He also asked the sex worker to bring a sleeping tablet which he wanted to give his siblings to avoid disturbance during quality time.

When she arrived on the day at about 13:00 hours, the accused asked Mazarire to pay the taxi driver US$20 which he did.

However, the youngster then told the sex worker to go back but she declined and forced herself into the house.

Mazarire then proceeded to give his siblings the sleeping pill before having sexual intercourse with protection but on realising that what he was doing was wrong he asked the sex worker to leave but she refused demanding money for her services.

The matter came to light when the boy approached their neighbor asking for money amounting to US$120 to pay the accused so that she would leave. The neighbor then phoned the accused’s grandmother and all was revealed.

The matter will be heard at the Chitungwiza Magistrates Court.

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