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Robert Mugabe Jnr urged to dump Zanu-pf

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Popular philanthropist Susan Mutami says Robert Mugabe Junior is a reckless and carefree character.

Mutami believes Mugabe ‘s association with Mr Emmerson Dambudzo is a direct insult to his family

Mnangagwa, who was Robert Mugabe Senior’s disciple for 54 years, betrayed his boss and ousted him via a military coup in 2017.

Mutami urged Robert Mugabe Junior to distance himself from Mr Mnangagwa.

“If someone puts my parents under house arrest for months, harass and threaten to take their assets away if some conditions aren’t met I will never dine w someone who tormented them. I will always think of my mother’s pain, let alone threaten to exhume my Dad’s remains…

… and ur mum begging for assistance for Dad’s treatment. Tino in life loyalty is very important and always stand w those who stood by ur family at ur lowest. U are too young to be living a life of playing chess 24/7. It’s never too late to join @CCCZimbabwe … … even ur Dad endorsed @nelsonchamisa before he died. Whoever is advising u to dine w @edmnangagwa is setting u up for failure. Think of all those who are in exile just for supporting ur Dad,” argued Mutami.

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