CiZC says 42 years later, Zim has been turned into a fascist state

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CRISIS in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) says despite 42 years of independence, Zimbabwe has been turned into a fascist state with no support systems to guarantee basic provision of welfare services and human rights protection.

In a statement to mark the 2022 Independence Commemorations, the coalition said there is nothing much to celebrate from the achievement.

“42 years on after the cherished independence, Zimbabwe has significantly regressed back to fascism and has become a puppet of imperialist forces.

“The right wing tendencies of the current government continue to negate the Liberation agenda; the government has metamorphosised into an increasingly authoritarian polity, adopted a ruinous neo liberal economic agenda and embarked on massive looting of national resources,” said CiZC.

The CiZC said the current government has gone on an offensive closing democratic space through enacting retrogressive laws to serve their parochial interests of power preservation by enacting laws like the Patriotic Bill, Public Voluntary Organisations Bill and Maintenance of Public Order Act (MOPA) among others which are from the handbook of the colonial regime.

The coalition accused the current government of stripping Zimbabwe of its assets and handing them to imperialist interests including from rogue governments and to foreign multinationals in exchange of a few pieces of silver, which unfortunately do not reach the ordinary masses.

Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube was accused of working hard to please the Bretton Woods institutions in the desperate bid to secure more disastrous credit lines.

“CiZC is concerned by the collapse of the healthcare system; unavailability of cancer machines, increased maternal mortality and massive brain drain being some of the key highlights. The Education system has also collapsed with over 1 million learners dropping out of school since 2020,” the statement said.

The coalition said it is clear that the gains of our liberation struggle are under attack from a small group of individuals within the ruling class, who have set up the state for the enjoyment of a few politically connected cronies.

CiZC said they also consort with dodgy international characters in pilfering the resources of the state, to the detriment of our national development.

“Putting an end to this requires a collective push to bring all stakeholders in Zimbabwe to the table, and begin to dialogue, for no one actor, or just two, can extricate this country from the deep throes that have come to characterize the current crisis in the country,” added the coalition.

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