Analysts urge CCC to conduct congress

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Analysts insist that CCC will be handicapped in challenging Zanu PF on democracy if it continues to be run by an interim executive.

Political analyst Methuseli Moyo said: “A congress is what constitutes a party, appoints persons into position to exercise power and administration of party affairs. One wonders how CCC will constitute itself and delegate authority to office bearers.

“Without a congress, CCC remains a collection of friends deploying each other into positions. As such, they would be handicapped to challenge Zanu PF on any issue to do with democracy and procedure.

“In a nutshell, CCC must go to congress before elections to legitimise itself. It can’t take over power when it has not been mandated by anyone. As things stand, CCC is a party in-the-making, and only a congress can constitute a party.”

Another political analyst Vivid Gwede said holding a congress was important for democracy and nothing should override that.

“It is true that a congress may be divisive for CCC ahead of the 2023 elections.  But the quest for political change should not trump the imperative for elected leadership as the cornerstone of representative democracy,” Gwede said.

CCC interim spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere, however, said the party was carrying out nationwide consultations, the results of which will be made available to the public at the appropriate time.

Said Mahere: “Our priority at the moment is making sure we do the work to win Zimbabwe for change in 2023 and form the next government — not the pursuit of internal positions. We are all change champions who have been tasked with working to mobilise the masses to register to vote, vote and defend the vote next year.

“The CCC is a citizens’ movement that is introducing a new way of doing politics in Zimbabwe with a specific focus on putting the citizens first in all decision making. The citizens are being consulted about the next steps concerning our internal processes and the outcome of these deliberations will be communicated at the appropriate time.”

She added that the party would not be pushed into a corner by those who have different priorities.

“Zimbabweans have suffered enough and all citizens’ hands must be on deck to fight for lasting change and transformation for the nation,” she said.

Exiled former minister Jonathan Moyo challenged CCC to hold an elective congress as this was according to the dictates of the country’s supreme law.


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