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Mnangagwa set to give 50 000 Epworth resident title deeds

By Staff Writer

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is set to give the first batch of title deeds to 50 000 Epworth residents in line with his administration’s earlier promises.

Speaking to Zanu-pf party supporters over the weekend that the promise will come to soon come to pass.

“We promised you title deeds, I remember telling you the last time that we had completed the geospatial mapping, which allows us to see the state of the settlement and we were ready to give title deeds. However, our security told us that some crooks were printing their own title deeds.

 We had to go back on the drawing table and find a way around that, we are now introducing biometric title deeds with security features.”

The documents would be of the same calibre as the recently introduced electronic passports.

“These are title deeds which cannot be fraudulently printed by individuals. These title deeds have the same security features as e-passports. We procured equipment from Germany, which allows us to print secure documents with impenetrable security features.”

At least 50 000 beneficiaries would receive the title deeds under phase one.

“So far we have ordered for 50 000 to be printed, some of which will be brought here,” said President Mnangagwa as he assured the people of Epworth that their issues would be solved.

“Yesterday, your MP (Makari) told me that there is a struggle for water in Epworth. I have four Presidential borehole drilling rigs, three that are in Harare and one in Binga. So yesterday around 6pm I called the team running the scheme and I told them of this event, I told them that they should spend the night drilling one borehole. I am proud to say by this morning they had completed drilling the borehole and installing the whole system,” said President Mnangagwa.

“It will take time to solve water challenges, because there are structural issues which need to be taken care of. But in the meantime, we will put two boreholes in each of the seven wards in Epworth,” added President Mnangagwa.

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