ZIMTA members push for “captured” Sifiso Ndlovu retirement

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A section of the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) disgruntled membership is pushing the retirement of Sifiso Ndlovu amid concerns that he has amended the retirement age by adding five more years.

A message circulating on ZIMTA social media platforms seen by The Humanitarian Post is mobilizing the teachers union membership to challenge a recent move by Ndlovu to add five more years to the retirement age moving it from 60 years to 65 years.

The grouping alleges that the current ZIMTA executive is captured and working in cahoots with government to stifle teachers rights

 “It is a very big misconception to think that ZIMTA is Sifiso Ndlovu and Richard Gundane, and the whole of the captured and clueless national executive. It will not help any ZIMTA member who is contributing now to get frustrated and leave ZIMTA but to take action as from today and NOW.

“Sifiso Ndlovu as was once communicated as planning not to retire from ZIMTA after reaching sixty (60) in May 2022, seem to have his plans in place. What is left is to convince the national executive to accept and sign his amendments to the ZIMTA policies and conditions of service,” the update said.

Ndlovu is said to have issued threats and promised sinister actions against any member of his management team who will attempt to disturb and interfere with his plans.

Allegations are that the Provincial Executive Officers (PEOs) were threatened with dismissals and transfers from their respective provinces when they are seen or proved to try to interfere with his plans amid speculation that Ndlovu is trying to close doors for all potential opponents.

The membership argues that in the past, a number of ZIMTA staffers retired at 60.

The ZIMTA CEO is also accused of attempting to front the rise Akuneni Maphosa (the current Matabeleland South provincial chairperson) as ZIMTA president, with Goodwill Taderera continuing as National Secretary General and probably Nheya Ignatious becoming the next National Treasurer.

“This is pathetic, unbelievable and hard to accept fellow educators, we need to stand up and show that we exist. How can we fail to deal with our own employee and our own executive? NO NO NO!!!

“What is exactly behind Sifiso Ndlovu’s intentions to change the retirement age from sixty (60) to sixty five (65)? Let this issue be tabled and discussed at each and every station with ZIMTA members. It is high time we should start to speak fellow colleagues. We now want ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!,” the disgruntled membership said.


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