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ZIMCODD vows to demand government accountability

By Staff Writer

THE Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) has vowed to press ahead demanding government accountability on undelivered promises and unmet constitutional obligations until the culture of serving citizens becomes the order of the day.

In its efforts to tackle the accountability question and bring citizens and government in the public space and to open up and build a culture of accountability by various levels of government in the public space, ZIMCODD last year launched the #HowFar Campaign.

The initiative was designed to raise awareness and promote public dialogue on the lack of transparency and accountability by various levels of government in public resource management.

Addressing delegates at the occasion to mark the launch of the #HowFar 2.0 campaign,ZIMCODD executive director, Janet Zhou said the forthcoming campaign will not leave any stone unturned.

“This is not just for nostalgic purposes where we reminisce of the problems in Zimbabwe, talk about the initial #HowFar campaign and go home.It is about us reflecting and contributing to the building blocks of this beautiful country as it is said ; ”Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo” ,” she said.

Zhou said the common belief must give a sense of duty, belonging, ownership and responsibility to make a great, prosperous and resilient nation positioned to tackle the disruptions poised by modernity.

“We will continue to ask pertinent questions and uncomfortable questions until a point where citizens witness prudency, transparency and accountability in the management of public resources at all levels.

“We are asking how far with the promises made four years back when the current crop of duty bearers assumed offices and power in 2018?The questions are directed to all levels of government from the central government to local authorities and from ward councilors to  Members of Parliament,” said Zhou.

The NGOs grouping leader said she was proud to note that the government’s campaign   #So Far,#ThisFar EDelivers campaign was birthed out of an attempt to respond to the HowFar questions and updating citizens on what the government has done  to improve  service delivery since the second republic assumed power.

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