Zim needs a business model after Covid19

Academic Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes :

In the post Covid – 19 era experience, we need to think outside the box, redefine our narrative and know exactly what we want. The covid – 19 experience has exposed our country leadership and the way our affairs are being managed.

We need to revert to Business model if we are to succeed in the turn around strategy for Zimbabwe. What is our problem? We are the second largest platinum producer in the whole world? Go to Mazoe today according to geologists, we have gold reserves that can be explored for the next 200 years.

We have diamond reserves in several areas, we have Human Resources, skills development, we have everything so what is our problem? Citizens experienced hunger during the lockdown, with more than 7 million facing starvation. Really? Where is our problem? We have a new parliament building in Mt Hampden, it was reportedly that it was a donation? Really. Chinese Government donated in exchange of what? Why can’t we have a good business model to run the country? Look South Africa created a 500 Billion stimulus package for their citizens, and what is happening with our country with all these resources?

Let me take you back to Command Agriculture scheme which is said to have lost over 9 Billion USD from the time it was launched during Mugabe era. I read a Twitter from Dr Walter Mzembi, the former Foreign Affairs Minister who said at one time, the then General and Commander of the Army Constantine Chiwenga, who is now the Vice President stormed in the cabinet meeting and spoke for 20 minutes and demanded that the program proceed without fail.

What is it that is behind this fictitious project? So far 9 Billion USD, and people are scrambling for mealie meal? Can you really stand up on a summit , and brag that we have launched a 9 Billion USD Command Agriculture facility in our country and so far people are fighting for Mealie Meal in Highfields, Barbourfields, Kambuzuma, Kuwadzana, Mbare? Really?????? Is that possible?

Today I hear , another Command wheat facility has been launched, after the controversial one , where Sakunda failed to produce any voucher or receipts. My simple question, is do we need any other person to bankroll the Government, when we have Ministry of Agriculture and Banks in place to come up with a proper model to run the scheme? What is behind this Comand Agriculture facility which almost everyone is in dark?

Let’s revert to the following ;

1. A proper National Development plan

2. Business Model to run the country

3. Policy Direction of the country

4. Reduce the size of Cabinet to 15

5. Get rid of Deputy Ministers

6. Merge key important ministries and cut expenditure

7. Reduce the number of foreign missions

8. Let’s get rid of Command Agriculture and allow Banks and Ministry to revert to a proper Business model

9. Proper Mining Policy

10. Clear Investment Policy

11. Development partnership plan

12. Let’s remain with one Vice President to cut costs

13. Commercial Agriculture is the way to go. Let’s identify farms that are set to be commercial and re-capitalize them.

14. Open credit lines for the manufacturing sector

15. Let’s fund industry

16. The culture of borrowing must stop.

17. We must never survive on handouts. We have everything at our disposal. Let’s utilize all resources we have

18. Let’s channel funds towards all critical sectors of the economy :

– Agriculture
– Mining
– Tourism
– Manufacturing
– Infrastructure Development

18. The role of private sector is critical in running the economy. Let’s give space to the private sector to run the economy

19. Government’ s role is control, regulations and offering proper frameworks.

20. Government must not be everywhere, doing everything, in every corner, touching every place.

21. EG taskforce for Covid – 19 was supposed to be inclusive of Private sector, Business Community, Government, Policymakers, Researchers, Development practitioners etc

22. What is the position of the local and external debt? How much have we borrowed so far? From who? What was it used for?

23. We may end up mortgaging our country to foreign nationals without proper checks and balances

24. Debt obligation is not clear.

25. We need clear Frameworks to run the country.

26. Policy inconsistencies must be dealt with

27. Do we need a Senate? For what?

28. Harare city council failing to meet their targets, demands, obligations and plans? What is the problem? Do we have a proper framework, business model to run the local authorities?

29. Where are the devolution funds?

30. Funds are always released on ZTV News daily, and up to now I don’t see the progress. Before the lockdown I hear the Finance Minister released over 519 million for cushioning allowances? Where is the money

We must not do things that are so embarrassing like this. We have gone below the belt. On daily basis such amount has been released, and where is the money?

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy Advisor and Researcher and he can be contacted at tinamuzala@gmail.com

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