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Student teachers blast “rotten- sellouts” ZIMTA

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THE Council of Student Teachers (COST) has come out guns blazing criticizing the country’s oldest educators grouping, Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) for being used as a conduit to endorse irrational decisions by the government.

Speaking to The Humanitarian Post Friday, COST president Walter Muzamani described ZIMTA as a bunch of “rotten sellouts” who are now being used state instruments.

The remarks come against a background where ZIMTA was recently seen rubber stamping the salary increment proposal by government.

The students grouping instead gave credit to the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) for their continued support of the educators cause.

“As student teachers we will not fold our hands when we see such barbaric accusations being peddled against our own veteran leaders whom we know to be equally genuine and progressive in their operations.

“As the upcoming leaders in the education fraternity, we will not sit down and watch as PTUZ is being tied to the same knot with a rotten to the core union like ZIMTA.

“Everyone knows that Zimta is a sellout in the struggle, why then likening it to the most progressive and militant Teacher’s Union in Zimbabwe?” said Muzamani.

COST Gender Secretary, Natasha Ngomberume said the upcoming educators acknowledge the traceable dedicated leadership demonstrated by PTUZ.

 Only the PTUZ has genuinely fought  for the emancipation of the teachers. With its members like one Ms Zanza in Mt Darwin who was persecuted.Leaders like y Raymond Majongwe and Takavafira Zhou have borne the brunt of the  being tortured, persecuted and displaced all for the cause of the educators,” she said.

The student teachers said it is therefore unfair to de-campaign genuine teachers unions which are truly advancing the just cause.

“To go around using the always drunk journalists to pull down veterans and fighters of the struggle who are being persecuted and attacked by state instruments is a very shameless act that calls for condemnation.

“COST is set to roll out a series of what they termed “clamp camps” whereby they seek to put on halt the whole education sector until the government takes heed of the call to restore pre October 2015 salaries of 540 USD as well as giving student teachers 80% of USD 540,” said Muzamani.

 The grouping also promised to be the vanguards of the struggle by whipping into line unruly Teacher’s Unions who are untying the Unity gained so far of teachers.

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