RBZ governor slams corruption; commits to transparency

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The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor, John Mushayavanhu, Tuesday signed an integrity pledge, committing to ethical practices and good governance as a public official.

He highlighted that corruption poses a significant obstacle to Zimbabwe’s economic progress and undermines the nation’s potential for growth and development.

“As a patriotic Zimbabwean citizen and a public official who genuinely believes in the growth, prosperity, and inclusive development of my country, and in promoting good governance buttressed by transparency, accountability, integrity, and the rule of law, I acknowledge my responsibility to lead by example in the fight against corruption and to ethically render my services with integrity,” Mushayavanhu said.

The Governor also pledged to discharge his duties with the highest degree of competence, excellence, and independence and to abide by the provisions of the country’s constitution and laws.
He also added that he is committed to promoting a culture of transparency, accountability, and integrity within the RBZ and the broader public service.

“I pledge to lead by example and to ensure that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, under my leadership, becomes a beacon of integrity, transparency, and accountability.

“Together, we can build a corruption-free Zimbabwe, where economic growth, prosperity, and inclusive development are within reach for all citizens,” he added.

Speaking at the signing ceremony Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) Chairperson Michael Reza also highlighted that the signing of the integrity pledge marks yet another pivotal step in the country’s ongoing efforts to entrench integrity, promote transparency and accountability in the public sector.

He reiterated that the RBZ is a key institution in the country’s economic development and has played a critical role in achieving the objectives of the National Development Strategy (NDS1), particularly in restoring monetary policy and promoting the use of the local currency.

“The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe holds an enormous responsibility and influence within the National Development Strategy (NDS1).

“One of the objectives of the NDS1 is to consolidate the gains made in restoring monetary policy, with major outcomes of improved currency and price stability.”

The ZACC Chairperson praised the RBZ for its bold step, saying that this pledge showcases the RBZ’s commitment to fighting corruption.

“This significant event marks a breakthrough in Zimbabwe’s fight against corruption and its pursuit of transparency and accountability in the public sector.

“As the ZACC Chairperson I therefore emphasize that united, we can build a Zimbabwe that is free from the scourge of corruption,” he said.

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