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Mnangagwa approves ZACC’s Muchengwa dismissal

By Staff Writer

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has approved the dismissal Zimbabwe Anti- Corruption Commissioner (ZACC) Frank Muchengwa from office with immediate effect.

In a statement , Information Ministry’s secretary, Nick Mangwana said the decision was reached after a tribunal which was inquiring into the question of removal from office of Frank Muchengwa as a member of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission in terms of section 237 as read with Section 187 of the Constitution has completed its work.

“The tribunal has reported its findings to His Excellency, the President CDe ED Mnangagwa and has recommended that Commissioner Frank Muchengwa be removed from the office for acts of gross misconduct.

“Accordingly, His excellency the President, acting in terms of Section 187 (8) of the Constitution, has removed the Commissioner Frank Muchengwa from office with immediate effect,” he said.

Muchengwa was appointed as a commissioner in September 2019 and allocated a police detail and service pistol for security.

The court heard on September 8, Muchengwa received a letter from the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) indicating it had resolved that Mnangagwa should determine if he should be removed from office.

The following day Matanda-Moyo, removed Muchengwa from a WhatsApp group of fellow commissioners before ordering he be barred from visiting ZACC offices.

Papers show that Matanda-Moyo, orally suspended Muchengwa from his duties on September 11 before facilitating the change of locks to his office.

Seven days later, on September 18, Muchengwa received a call from the police directing him to surrender his pistol.

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