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Lobels increases one loaf bread price to US$2,27

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LOBEL’S has increased the price of a one loaf of bread to US$2,27 responding to the anticipated raw materials increases witnessed in the past weeks.

A notice sent out to the bread manufacturer’s dealers shows that the Lobel’s Bread Prime White Loaf will now be sold at a wholesale price $310 while retailers will be allowed to sell the loaf at $341. Alternatively the same loaf will be sold at a wholesale price of US$2,06 and will be sold US$2,27.

The same prices will apply on the Hi Fibre loaf, whole meal loaf and the whole wheat loaf.

The prime white super loaf will now be costing $362, 42 and US$2, 41 in foreign currency.

A tea loaf will now be sold US$1,74 , sugar buns US$1,07 and a six pack whole meal rolls US$1,83 while the price will apply to hamburger rolls ,hotdog rolls and cream buns.

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