Late Paul Matavire’s mother appeals for assistance

LATE talented musician, Paul Matavire’s mother, Mafirechuma Makanani (89) is appealing for help as she is languishing in poverty-stricken conditions with no one to take care of her.

Matavire died aged 44 in 2005 with several hit tracks to his name; ‘Ndagumbuka’, ‘Kamoto kamberevere’.

He rose to fame in the 1980s as a leader of the Jairos Jiri band before pursuing a solo career.

The late artist, affectionately known as ‘Doctor Love’, a nickname pejoratively due to his social commentary in songs possessed a lyrical and vocal prowess.

Despite his strides in the music industry, his struggling mother and dependants in rural Mwenezi district, Masvingo province have very little to show for his achievements.

Speaking to a local publication, his ailing mother said while other people were benefiting from her late son’s work, she was subjected to dilapidated living conditions which she would not have faced if Matavire was still alive.

She went to plead for donations from well-wishers.

“I am struggling but people are spending my son’s money, I have many orphans under my care,” she said.

“I can no longer do piece jobs in the community to earn a living. My house is in very bad shape, windows are broken, the asbestos sheets are falling off.

“I really need some money so I can fix my house and live in better conditions. During the rainy season we are soaked in water,” she added.

Matavire’s music is available on digital streaming sites and YouTube where it has bagged hundreds of thousands of views, but his family does not benefit from this as it posted through piracy accounts.

The little funds from royalties are awarded to his children.

Matavire was survived by his second wife and three children from his first marriage.

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