‘Imposter’ Tshabangu sues Chamisa for misusing CCC funds

By Staff Writer

DRAMA in the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) political party continues to unfold following a court application by the imposter Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu suing the party’s ex-president for funds misuse.

Advocate Nelson Chamisa dumped the defiled party after witnessing what many people believe to be a large scale infiltration operation which has seen even the most revered opposition leaders betraying the people’s agenda.

Tshabangu has since vowed to fix Chamisa for leaving the party as he echoded similar sentiments as those heard being raised by the ruling Zanu-PF part top leaders.
In a statement Monday Tshabangu revealed that the plans to get back at Chamisa had reached a crescendo.
” We’ve filed our paperwork to the courts to sue Nelson Chamisa for single handedly squandering donated funds during his CCC Presidency after we gathered enough transactional evidence of all funds he received but failed to declare to the party before his premature resignation,” he said in a postb on X.

However, political analysts have questionned the rationale behind Tshabangu’s actions arguing that the daily running of a political party is ordinarily in the hands of the Secretary General.
“So where on earth ws he if truly he is the interim SG as claimed? Where are the finance reports which validate the claims.The whole issues appears to be centred around vindicating Chamisa and frustrating oppositing politics in the country,” said one anonymous analyst.

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