EU Zim delegation calls for “Schuman Day” event sponsorship

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THE European Union delegation to Zimbabwe has invited the corporate world to take up sponsorship opportunities ahead of its annual Europe Day reception event popularly known as “Schuman Day” set for commemoration on May 8 2020.

The event is an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe and has attracted dignitaries from government and state institutions, members of business and civil society, as well as members from various embassies and diplomatic missions based in Zimbabwe.

“Nature and activities of the Sponsor should be in line with the principles, values and commitments of the European Union and should not undermine EU policies in such areas as foreign policy, social, health and environment,” said EU in a statement.

The Sponsors could be public or private organisations and companies and are expected not to entail a possible conflict with the mission and objectives of the European Union.

“By signing the Corporate Sponsoring Agreement the parties agree on the terms and conditions for the corporate sponsoring and will be provided with exposure and visibility in the following ways,” the statement.

For Finer Details Visit , https://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/zimbabwe/75293/call-corporate-sponsorship-europe-day-2020_en

In a collective call for Action for Europe Day 9 May 2020, the Western bloc has informed critical stakeholders that the European Union has been under attack from populists inside and outside the EU trying to undermine its achievements and values.

“Pro-European citizens, civil society, media and politicians are calling for revitalisation of the European dream and renewed impulse to the EU integration as the best form of protection for Europeans in the 21st century.

“The time has come for a counter-offensive by all pro-European political forces to regain the hearts and minds of citizens. We call on liberals to join us in mobilising local politicians and civil society for a large pro-European movement on 9 May 2020,” said the bloc in a statement.

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