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EU donates €396k ICT equipment to Zim, further demystifying sanctions claims

By Staff Writer

FOREIGN Affairs Ministry secretary Ambassador James Manzou and , and H.E Jobst von KIRCHMANN Friday participated in the official handover ceremony of Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment.

The ICT equipment was procured under the EU funded Zimbabwe Economic Partnership
Agreement (ZEPA) project aimed at enhancing Zimbabwe’s integration into the regional and
international trading system.

The EU provided €10 million in support of the project which is in
line with the Government’s goals in the National Trade Policy Vision and Export Promotion
Strategy under the NDS -1.

“It is encouraging to see trade between Zimbabwe and the EU increasing. We believe that technology can play a critical role in driving growth and innovation in the trade sector, and we are proud to be able to provide these essential tools to help Zimbabwean trade succeed” said H.E Jobst von Kirchmann.

Ambassador Manzou participated in the handover on behalf of the beneficiaries, which include the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade; the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community,
Small, and Medium Enterprises Development; the Ministry of Industry and Commerce; the Ministry
of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development; the Competition and Tariff
Commission; the National Economic Consultative Forum and ZIMRA.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment handed over today includes
laptops, heavy-duty printers, desktop printers, video-conferencing equipment, and other essential
tools that will help the aforementioned Ministries as well as selected agencies in the trade sector
improve their operations and provide better service to players in the trade sector. The equipment is
valued at over €396,000.00.

The Zimbabwe Economic Partnership Agreement (ZEPA) project seeks to help Zimbabwe draw
maximum benefit from the growth that comes with deeper engagement with regional and
international trading systems.

The handover of ICT equipment falls under the supplies and capacitybuilding component of the ZEPA project. The other components include grants for small and medium enterprise competiveness and technical assistance.

All components aim to reduce the cost of trade,make the movement, release and clearance of goods more efficient, as well as to streamline policy.
In addition, ZEPA works to improve the competitiveness and export ability of small and medium sized
Zimbabwean business.

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