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Chamisa says Mnangagwa begged CCC for another GNU

By Staff Writer

THE Citizens Coalition for Change political party leader, Nelson Chamisa Saturday told party supporters that President Emmerson Mnangagwa approached the former begging for the formation of a Government National Unity (GNU).

Speaking to party supporters in Mutare , Chamisa said he dismissed the offer with the contempt it deserves.       

“We refused an offer for a government of national unity (GNU) and said let’s go to elections; those who have won will lead and those who lose will support the winners either as opposition or united government,” he said.

The trailblazing opposition leader vowed  not to make the mistakes made under former late  party president Morgan Tsvangirai.

The denial , he said, has now attracted hate and violence from Zanu PF  which he accused of having resorted  to setting torture camps and bases and they are back to their old self.

But the country’s most popular politician warned Mnangagwa of a popular uprising if the ruling party continued with its orgy of political violence.

“The reason why we are here is to preach about change. Our hands are not full of blood,” he said.

“Our hands are full of peace. Zanu PF will not provoke us into violence. We have the people and we can overwhelm them, but we are not going to be provoked at all. Please Mnangagwa please, don’t abuse your power and responsibility. When we are in power, police are not going to abuse their power by beating up people.

“We have heard people saying Zanu PF can rig elections, not this time,” he vowed.

“What the Chitepos (Herbert Chitepo), Tongogarasas (Josiah Tongogara) died for is what we are going to fulfil,” Chamisa said.

“I hear voices of victims of the liberation war, who fought for Zimbabwe’s independence asking me if the current state of the country is what they died for. These voices tell me to look at the opportunity lost (after the liberation war). They tell me to go ahead with the struggle for liberation and the battle for change.”

“These voices tell me to fulfill what they died for at Nyadzonia and Chimoio so that change comes to Zimbabwe and people have plenty to eat and peace.”

“What I want to tell you is that demons do not go easily. This culture of violence will not go easily but it will go. Change is coming in Zimbabwe. No one has ever stayed for ever in power. Hitler came and went after his fame, Idi Amin too. Mnangagwa you will also go even if you have not achieved fame,” he said.

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