Chamisa calls for political tolerance; bids the late UMC stalwart farewell

 By Staff Writer

OPPOSITION leader Adv Nelson Chamisa Monday implored citizens to uphold political tolerance and brotherly love in his address to bid farewell to the late United Methodist Church (UMC) stalwart, Rev Ellisson Kamupira.

The late clergyman who touched the lives of many people within and beyond Zimbabwe left an indelible mark especially in his final years when he rendered his services to the Nyaradzo Funeral Group where he was the chief chaplain.

Addressing mourners during a funeral service, Chamisa exhibited maturity despite withstanding the worst of hostility as he acknowledged the presence of two former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governors Doctors Gideon Gono and John Mangudya.

“Nation building is not hinged on partisan politics .I heard some speculating that because the late Reverend Kamupira was my advisor it may indicate he belonged to the opposition. No. An advisor embraces everyone despite social standing.

“I know many people are used to seeing me in the political arena. I see some politicians’ downspeakimg me because of my habit of quoting Bible verses which is perceived to be a weakness. Little do they know that I have understood the fact that in leading a country there are things, which happen, and some undeniable realities?”

His calls come at a time when the trailblazing opposition leader has accused the ruling Zanu-PF party of working conspiring with some political activists to crush the opposition party into extinction.

To this end, one Sengezo Tshabangu allegedly rose from the wilderness and claimed to be the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) political party Secretary General before unleashing ruthless recalls on the party’s elected legislators, prompting Chamisa to temporarily abandon his party.

The developments have remained an enigma for many with some questioning the rationale behind authorities’ automatic support to Tshabangu without even applying the fundamentals of natural justice.

“Our earthly life is just synonymous to travellers waiting at a bus station. We do not permanently reside at the bus station. We prepare knowing that we have destiny in the afterlife. My relationship with the late Rev Kamupira was hinged on preparing for the afterlife.

“If you are living today, you must know that death is a reality. Some think that they will live forever .But if we had a chance to ask the late opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai and the late President Robert Mugabe they could inform you that they are sitting around a fire discussing their experiences,” Chamisa said.

He described the late Kamupira as a man who loved everyone regardless of political affiliation or social status.

“A country is built on brotherly love and constructive advice. A country is not all about oneness .It is divided because one is Zanu_PF or CCC .There is God in heaven and the earth is filled with people. God gave us this nation as a covenant .So let’s live in love, peace and unity .Let’s move together

“These are the words I have come to share with you. The late Rev Kamupira was a unifier who brought people together. It is sad that he has departed before I came in,” he added.

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