Border Jumper’s Arm, Leg Missing After Boat Capsizes Along The Zambezi

TWO border jumpers drowned in the mighty Zambezi River after their makeshift boat was hit by a water wave and capsized last week.

Two others managed to swim back to the banks on the Zimbabwean side.

Kanyungwa’s body had the right arm, leg and other flesh missing.

Kariba district commander, Superintendent Saul Mhanqwa confirmed the incident Monday.

“On 26 March 2021, we received a report to the effect that four male adults believed to be Zimbabwean nationals attempted to cross into Zambia using an illegal crossing point at Nyamasowa area, Lower Zambezi.

“The four hired a boat owned by a Zambian and when they were in the middle of the river, a wave hit them and the boat capsized,” said Mhanqwa.

He said two swam back to safety while two were swept away and drowned.

Mhanqwa added, “A search was carried out and on 27 March 2021, the body of one Tichaona Kanyungwa was retrieved from the waters. The other deceased male adult whose identity is yet to be established, was retrieved on 28 March.”

The police commander urged the public to desist from using illegal crossing points and endangering their lives.

“We urge people to wait for the official reopening of our borders once the situation surrounding the Covid-19 restrictions subsides,” he said.

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