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Teachers must be paid decent salaries- Chamisa

By Staff Writers

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) leaders , Nelson Chamisa has urged teachers to sustain the fight for meaningful salaries and respect for their labour rights.

Teachers have been on strike since the commencement of the 2022 first term in protest against the peanuts salaries they are currently receiving which no longer meets the daily cost of living.

Despite government’s move to offer salary increments, teachers have stuck on to their demands for better wages, prompting authorities to issue threats that they will be fired if they do not turn up for work.

 But speaking to a bumper crowd at Zimbabwe Grounds Sunday where the CCC political party held a watershed rally, Chamisa  encouraged teachers to continue fighting for their rights and press ahead demanding better salaries.

He castigated government officials for blaming the opposition and accusing them for having an underhand in the labour crisis arguing that poverty was the main cause.

“I am not the poverty.  They want better salaries. Teachers — don’t be intimidated. Fight for your rights, for the meantime, but when we are in power, we will restore the dignity you had during Mugabe’s era.

A teacher is the foundation of the development of the country. A teacher is the guardian of the destiny of any nation.

 A teacher is the compass of civilisation. All civil servants, the army, police and the central intelligence know that if this government has failed you, then you have to replace it with a capable government,” said Chamisa.

He underscored that teachers are wallowing in poverty which has seen all civil servants becoming poor.

“Teachers have made their demands clear. They want their Mugabe (the late former President Robert) era dignity to be restored. What is happening now? Teachers are being victimised, they are being abused, and they are being fired and accused of being aligned to Chamisa,” he said.

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