Securico’s Ndhlukula sets up state of the art library in Gutu

By Agencies

SECURICO Services founder and managing director, Divine Ndhlukula, has set up a library at her rural Gutu home that will benefit over 4 000 primary school pupils in the area.

The library, named after Ndhlukula’s mother Ambuya Mary Simbi, which was officially launched at the weekend, is the first in the Chitsa area and has a computer laboratory.

Ndhlukula said the library was established through collaborative funding by Securico as part of its corporate social responsibility and the Divine Ndhlukula Foundation.

The businesswoman sought donations from corporates, friends, relatives and well-wishers to equip the library with books, computers and other necessities.

She said the establishment of the solar-powered library was aimed at improving the pass rates at Zvinavashe and Firomumwe primary schools in her community.

“We came up with the idea to set up the library following concerns of continued low pass rates at schools in our local community,” Ndhlukula said.

 “There would be a single or no pupil with a pass. We discovered that the pupils did not have textbooks. They were not reading hence the poor performance.  But we also took cognisance of the new information and communication technologies, hence we decided to put in place a computer laboratory. We want to ensure that the pupils acquire digital skills. We are now working to ensure that we connect the library with internet services so that it is fully functional to enhance digital learning for pupils.”

Speaking during the event, Information Communication Technology minister Tatenda Mavetera said the establishment of the library was in line with the government thrust to digitalise all communities.

“We aim to digitalise every remote area in the country,” Mavetera said.

 “We are giving out computers to such areas in line with Vision 2030.  But we can’t achieve that as a government on our own. We need partners. The thrust to develop a country is not a one-man  job. The President is clear, a nation is built by its own people), so individuals develop their own communities.

“But it requires those with a willing heart to give back to the community. We are going to launch a programme, the Presidential Internet Scheme, very soon to ensure that we enhance internet access to every place in the countrywith the digitalisation agenda. The government remains committed to breaking the digital divide.”

School authorities bemoaned the high cost of textbooks and other learning material which results in pupils especially, from low-income earning families failing to afford such resources. 

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