Vaka Ekhaya plots 3rd UK property investment expo

By Staff Writer

Property developers and financiers are set to converge for the 3rd Vaka Ekhaya Diaspora property investment Expo where they will exchange ideas and lure investment into the sector.

The Expo slated for October this year in the United Kingdom will draw over a thousand Zimbabweans as they seek to unlock their business potential.

The annual event offers an investment platform, which brings together investors, bankers, property developers and lawyers, who will provide expert advice on asset management. Vaka Ekhaya CEO, Tapiwa Kundoro said this was an opportunity for Zimbabwean based companies to grow their businesses by reaching out to Zimbabweans who have recently moved to the United Kingdom and to those arleady settled.

In a statement , Vaka Ekhaya echoed the same sentiments saying the Expo will offer participants an opportunity connect with a specific and motivated audience actively looking to invest in Zimbabwe. Vaka Ekhaya said,the annual event was specifically tailored for the Zimbabwean community.

” This platform brings together property developers, real estate companies, banks, construction firms, and property investors, creating a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with ready buyers who are eager to invest in property back home.

It is an opportunity to meet over a 1000 Zimbabweans in one place enabling participants to unlock their business potential,” the firm said.

The diaspora communities scattered across different countries have made significant contributions not only to their adopted nations but also to the development of their homeland.

Through their skills, remittances, knowledge transfer and philanthropic endeavours, Zimbabweans living in the diaspora have become a crucial force driving positive change and progress here.

Besides overall economic contributions One key area of focus for this community has been housing. Vaka Ekhaya said the platfom will also enable the forging of of valuable partnerships and collaborations with key players in the diaspora property investment landscape.

“The Expo will also offer an opportunity to present on latest projects, investment options, and real estate services directly to potential buyers. One will stay ahead of the curve with expert-led seminars and workshops covering the latest market trends, regulations, and investment strategies,” Vaka Ekhaya said.

In a turbulent economy like Zimbabwe real-estate development has seen businesses managing to hedge against inflation thus becoming the safest investment.

Zimbabwe has also emerged as a promising destination for real estate investment due to its a renewed commitment to attract foreign capital.

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