Delta Beverages blames sugar tax for beverages prices hikes

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DELTA Beverages has blamed the sugar tax introduced in the 2024 National Budget for the current high prices on the Schweppes concentrates.

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube, in his 2024 National Budget, implemented a tax on beverages that contain sugar, charged at US$0.002 per gram, effective 1 January.

This has seen the prices of beverages shooting up.

For instance, a two-litre bottle of Mazoe Orange Crush produced by Schweppes Zimbabwe is now costing US$5.10, a US$2.10 hike from US$3, while a 500ml bottle of Maheu is now costing US$0.75, up from between US$0.50 and US$0.60, depending on the retail outlet. 

Presenting the annual performance report, Delta has blamed the tax measures for prompting price hikes.

The company said as a result, they were left with no choice except to implement between 36% and a 32% adjustment in prices.

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