President Mnangagwa ,your own people will soon surrender you to the public !!!

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

To me the loot, reflects racing against time. There is something fishy around this kind of looting. It looks like there is a deadline, or there are fixed targets which must be met, and the whole drama shows that there were no criminals around Robert Mugabe, it was simply a fight to have a turn to loot national coffers !!!

I’m so surprised to see the whole State President, posing for images with criminals who have looted the state coffers. What does this entail on your legacy as a Head of State ?

All those people around you, and the praise singers will be spectators when you are in trouble.

The nature of people is that those around you will be laughing at you when you get into trouble. Where is George Charamba, the spokesman to former President Robert Mugabe? Today he is in your Government. Where is Opah Muchinguri?

Where is the politburo which endorsed your dismissal? The same politburo which endorsed your dismissal, is the same politburo which endorsed your Presidency. The same 10 provinces which called for your ouster, is the same 10 provinces which reinstated you. Your departure will be sad, it is unfortunate that those around you are after crumbs falling from the master’s table, and they are comfortable with what is happening in our country.

I have few questions, why are you holding on to Obidiah Moyo, the failed Minister of Health? Why is your cabinet full of questionable characters? After all the exposed loot of Covid – 19, why are you holding onto to Obidiah Moyo who is responsible for all this mess?

President Mnangagwa President Mnangagwa President Mnangagwa !!!

I’m tempted to believe that the Drax International saga has a lot of finger prints around it, given the context that the Minister of Health is still around and you are still holding onto to him. There could more to it than what we are reading from social media and other platforms.

Money that was meant to feed the whole nation during the pandemic was looted by own members of the family, through hoax companies linked to the first family, and do you care about your own legacy?

I was looking at images circulating on social media, which you were posing with those questionable characters, where on this earth would you see a whole some President posing with criminals of that nature? From Drax International, to all the Natpharm deals, it clears shows that these deals have a lot of finger prints around them, and my simple question is why posing for images with such criminals?

Today Muthuli Ncube is running from one corridor to another, with many papers with Government letterhead, cooking all the measures, it’s too late Mr President, the centre can’t hold anymore, people are fed up with lies, propaganda, cooked information, fake receipts, fake vouchers, fake statements, failed promises, torture and alleged abductions, it’s time to give an ear or reflect, or else your own people will soon surrender you to the public.

It is important to listen, when you are offered advice. It is not necessary to attack those who open your eyes. I’m surprised that whole some 60 Million USD is transferred from Government coffers without your knowledge? The honest truth is that all these are games, and the money was looted by your own members of the family and close people around you, we the majority have nothing to benefit.

The rate at which press conferences are held being held from one corridor to another clearly shows that the pivot holding all the pillars of the system will soon crumble and all pieces will be scattered alover. It will be very difficult to gather spilled milk.

Today, we are witnessing nurses and other civil servants, going on strike, and this clearly shows you have failed as a leader. Previously you have tried to heap blame on sanctions, yet your own people loot the Government leaving the purse empty. My simple question, why is the first lady Mrs Mnangagwa involved in Ministry of Health ? You honestly tell me, Zimbabwe has run out of Ambassadors for Health Ministry? What a joke !!!

Where is the 18 Billion stimulus package which you announced during the lockdown? Where is the 500 Million which Muthuli Ncube announced, which was meant for cushioning people? Do you realise how the masses are suffering?

No accountability to platinum deals

No accountability to Gold deals

No accountability to Jumbo & Fredda Rebbeca mine

No accountability to all mining activities in Chiadzwa, and how much worthy of diamonds were extracted during the lockdown ?

No accountability on Natpharm deals

It is high time you must open your eyes and listen to people’s grievances.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy Advisor and Researcher, He is also the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking ( ZIST), he can be contacted at zimstrategicthinking@gmail.com

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