“Holy Pastor” Mnangagwa’s ex-advisor Shingi Munyeza in messy US$100k loan default lawsuit

By Staff Writer

Shingi Munyeza and his wife Wilma has been dragged to court by ex-Seed Co. Ltd public relations manager Marjorie Mutemererwa over a US$100 000 debt in a bitter fight over an unpaid loan.
Mutemererwa wants her US$85 000, plus US$15 000 interest = US$100 000.

Court papers say on 21 January 2023 Munyeza called Mutemererwa and the following day he visited her at her home accompanied by his wife in Borrowdale Brooke to finalise the deal.
On the 23 January, Mutemererwa transferred US$85 000 into the Munyezas account in Botswana.

Munyeza had agreed to pay back the money on 31 January, but that didn’t happen.
On 27 February, he promised to pay the following day but failed. Papers say Munyeza was then arrested on 3 March and appeared in court 4 March.
Now the case has gone to the High Court Civil Division.

The cleric however denied being arrested insisting he had been interviewed by the police as it is a “civil matter”; not a criminal case to warrant his arrest.

Munyeza acknowledges the debt and says he will her pay back, but Mutemererwa doesn’t believe him at all anymore.

The case will be heard tomorrow at the High Court (Civil Division) in Harare at 10:45am.

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