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CCC is a small, insignificant political party- Chiwenga

Dylan Murambgi

VICE President Constantino Chiwenga has described he opposition party as a “small insignificant” outfit

with nothing to show except the strategy of opposing just for the sake of it.

Speaking to the ruling party Zanu-pf’s supporters at Mbizo Stadium in Kwekwe Saturday, the second in charge said the opposition party is not even a threat to think about.

“We are a Goliath and CCC is a small insignificant party. You can’t just oppose for the sake of opposing. You oppose every time. You want to oppose who,” he said.

He assured the congregants that there is nothing that the CCC party can achieve as it can just be crushed like  lice with a stone.

Mnangagwa, who addressed the gathering after Chiwenga, warned the opposition leader that he was ready to deal with him.

“We heard some saying that they are going to cause violence after losing the elections. That’s not democracy. In a democracy you lose gracefully. So if you lose and you want to cause violence then we shall see,” he said.

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