ZRP says 26 000 arrested for violating lockdown regulations

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ZIMBABWE Republic Police (ZRP) says to date a total of 26 398 people have been arrested for violating the Covid19 lockdown regulations.

The details are confirmed in a statement released by ZRP Monday wherein members of the public who are not on the essential services list were urged to comply with the regulations.

“A total of 26398 people have so far been arrested for violating the national lockdown regulations mainly for unnecessary movements. We urge the public to stay at home, save for those who have been exempted to provide essential services like medical, mining and retail sectors,” ZRP said.

Against the background some citizens have also been arrested and fined for not wearing masks while conducting their day to day routines.

Munashe Katsande (27) became the first one to be arrested under the new law after being fined $500 for breaking the law of wearing masks.

ZRP has vowed decisively address issues involving members of the public who do not comply with the COVID-19 lockdown measures

“There are still those who are conducting businesses without exemptions. Some are still engaging in unsanctioned gatherings which include conducting church services, parties and drinking beer during the night. Some are still operating shebeens,” said ZRP in a statement.

Those who travel into the city without exemption letters and others go out to public places without wearing masks were warned and urged to desist from such conduct.


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