Opposition this is merry go round game : Stop playing in the gallery

By Academic Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

Opposition has been playing in the hands of the enemy for so many years, and as a result this kept the movement in the opposition for at least twenty (20) years. Today they bring this, tomorrow you have another drama, and few years you see another drama unfolding and this will keep Zanu PF going for decades. Why is it that we have never witnessed so many splits in Zanu PF, compared to their political rivalry, Movement for Democratic Change?

Key aspects :

1. Zanu PF invests in Intelligence & Research. They thrive on Intelligence. They infiltrate every corner. Why can’t you do the same?

2. Zanu PF machinery is well oiled,and why can’t you do the same?

The Mwonzora fiasco is to deep and needs those with deeper eyes to see what is ahead. Politics is all about strategic intelligence and there is a disconnection between legal and political strategies in the opposition movement. For one to go to State House, it’s not all about numbers, but is about strategy to have access to Plot number 1. This is the time to leave emotions and work using political tools. You must have eyes which are able to see what is ahead. For those who have deep eyes should have seen this coming, and it could have been avoided.

Why do I say this is a merry go round game in my opinion?

Merry go round 1

In 2005, it was Welshman Ncube , Gibson Sibanda, and cabal who led a splinter group from the main MDC which led to Tsvangirai losing cars, properties, and lots of amount of cash to the group, and this left the Former Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai badly fractured. Tsvangirai had to start from scratch, and they later on named his movement, MDC Tsvangirai. The same Welshman Ncube and team are back in the mainstream,and it is now MDC Alliance. Lessons must be drawn from that experience. Let me pause there for a moment. Which position is Welshman Ncube holding today? How many people labelled Welshman Ncube a CIO agent? Today he is the Vice President of the party. Tsvangirai could have emerged stronger during that period.

Merry go round 2

In 2014, there werw serious clashes between Tsvangirai and Biti which led to a serious split resulting in the MDC operating without a cent. Biti and crew left with properties, money and other handful of people. Today, Tendai Biti is back in the mainstream, and he is now the Vice President of the party. The party is now called MDC Alliance.

Merry go round 3

Today we are witnessing drama, as Mwonzora, Mudzuri and Komichi leading a splinter group from the main MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa. The trio will leave the opposition badly fractured with no cent and they will have to start from scratch.

Merry go round 5

In the near future perhaps after 2023/4, there will be another serious drama which will result in more splits than before. My simple question is can’t the opposition have eyes to see what is ahead before making any moves and plans?

Lessons drawn from these experiences :

1. MDC lacks detailed political strategies

2. You need to oil your machinery with resources. Party is not run by numbers, but you need massive turn around strategy using resource mobilization

3. Constitutionalism is a fundamental aspect to avoid a hand in all the skirmishes.

4. You need Research based Think Tank to bankroll the party

5. Lack of Strategic Intelligence

Whilst you are busy fighting for political survival, in and out of courts, Zanu PF is busy campaigning using Covid 19 resources, and get this one in 2023, history is repeating itself. This whole drama is to feed the political space with mdc drama as they campaign on the ground. What do you have opposition in your hands.?

You can write as many legal and political opinions as possible, but you need to wake up from your deep slumper, and begin to apply political strategies to defeat your political nemesis.

Case studies must be drawn from countries like Zambia where opposition remains intact despite infiltration , and you need to draw lessons from such movements.

My own assumptions I don’t see all the Mps throwing the towel, some will ask you, what are we going to eat for the next three years? Deep political strategies must be applied before any serious move is implemented.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy Advisor and Researcher and he can be contacted at tinamuzala@gmail.com

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