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 ZRP blocks CCC Binga rally

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THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has been accused for attempting to block the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) rally scheduled to take place Tuesday.

Sources have told The Humanitarian Post that the CCC rally in Binga, which is scheduled forTuesday tomorrow, is in limbo after police did not approve it.

“We are told that the rally cannot sail through because  President Emmerson Mnangagwa is due to visit Hwange on March 17, and they would not have enough manpower to handle the rally,” the source said.

On Saturday morning, police barricaded Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera and turned away thousands of CCC supporters coming for the event.

Heavily armed riot police formed a human wall at the stadium, blocking all entrances. This was despite the fact that CCC was armed with a court order after approval of the event.

In February, police barred CCC from using buses and lorries to transport its supporters to rallies, despite Zanu PF bussing in its supporters to such events.

Meanwhile, in his address to Zanu PF supporters, Chiwenga distanced his party from the ongoing bans.

“The opposition should not blame Zanu PF about the ban of its rallies,” Chiwenga said.

“It’s not our problem, anyone is allowed to campaign. Please, deal with the police, and don’t blame anything on the government or Zanu PF because Zanu-PF is also applying to the Zimbabwe Republic Police to get clearance for its rallies.”

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