Zim’s Covid19 deaths hit 418

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DEPUTY Health Minister, Dr John Chamunorwa Mangwiro Wednesday gave an update on the spread of Covid19 and shared the below facts.

1.As of the 5th of January 2020 the total number of cumulative cases is 17, 194 COVID-19 cases and of those 1, 365 were recorded in ONE DAY (5TH OF January 2021). Harare still reported the highest number of 777 COVID-19 cases.

2. The number of deaths as of the 5th of January 2021is 418 and of those 34 deaths were recorded on the 5th of January 2021. Community transmission: It means cases are coming from everywhere, thus level 4 of community transmission.

3. We have more than 150/100 000 population.
Level I less than 20/100 000
Level 2 between 20-5-/100 000
Level 3 more than 50- 150 000.

4. Lockdown
The ministry is conducting testing in all the provinces
Hospital admissions have been increased, more beds have been made available to cater for severe cases.

5. Government has cumulatively availed seven billion Rtgs to motivate and employ more health workers, procure testing, PPEs sundries and sanitizers and improve infrastructure.
6. The government is rolling out Rapid Antigen testing for symptomatic patients and this will go a long way in decongesting our emergency rooms and improving the triaging process.
7. Government has procured 156 000 kits for testing and these are being distributed throughout the country.
8. The Ministry is saddened by the action of some organizations that held cross-overs, celebration gigs, and beer outlets.

9. The Ministry, therefore applaud other line Ministries, particularly Home Affairs and the Judiciary for expeditiously dealing with violators of COVID-19 regulations.

We are requesting people to stay at home and a decision to leave home is “A Life-or-death decision”. All of us are now in emergency mode to arrest this pandemic

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