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WELEAD Trust exchange program links feminism through technology lens

By Staff Writer

HARARE based Non-Profit organisation,WELEAD Trust recently held exchange program has resulted in the crafting of a must read paper which explores the nexus between feminism and technology.

The details on the program were released by the reputable Civic Society Organisation (CSO) this week.

“In partnership with Advokc and Justice Code, with the support of Diakonia Africa and Embassy of Sweden in Harare, we conducted a Rethinking Democracy from a Feminist Tech Lens exchange program and produced a paper in April,” the Trust said in an update.

The paper seen by The Humanitarian Post was developed as part of the Rethinking Democracy Program by WELEAD Trust Zimbabwe in partnership with the Justice Code Foundation (Zimbabwe) AdvoKC (Nigeria) , Diakonia Zimbabwe and the Swedish Embassy in Zimbabwe.

The program seeks to integrate feminist principles to enhance youth participation and leadership in democratic processes through technological tools.

This program also seeks to promote feminist Afro-tech tools that advance democracy through regional exchange programs hence two Zimbabwean fellows travelled to Lagos,Nigeria as part of the regional exchange program .

The Program also envisions the creation of knowledge products that provide a blueprint on how youth can utilise feminist tech to amplify their voices in democratic processes and push back against shrinking democratic and civic space.

The knowledge generated , will play a pivotal role in shaping WELEAD Trust’s youth participation agenda, and influence civil society’s outlook on tech from a feminist perspective.

Additionally, the knowledge generated will also provide youth in Zimbabwe and Africa with a reference point for their advocacy and democracy work.

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