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Watch: Suspected Zanu-PF youths disrupt PVO Bill hearings in Harare, Gweru

By Staff Writer

SUSPECTED Zanu-PF youths Friday disrupted the Public Voluntary Bill hearing exercises in the Cities of Harare and Gweru.

 Popularly known as the PVO Bill, the legal instrument has attracted widespread criticism within and beyond the country’s borders as yet another tool poised to muzzle the democratic space in the country due to controversial sections which place NGOs under strict supervision by the government.

Even highly democratic organisations like the United Nations could not remain mum instead adding a voice in criticizing the instrument.

Pushing ahead with the plans to finalise the PVO Bill parliament this week kicked off an exercise aimed at harvesting views by rolling out public hearings across the country.

However, sources on the ground reported that proceedings in Gweru were disrupted by after suspected ruling party youths started singing at the venue, forcing the conveners to immediately abandon the meeting.

A team led by Senator Sisasenkosi Ndebele had to run for dear life with youths breaking into singing in support of President Emerson Mnangagwa.

“From the beginning of the proceedings, the errant youths were tilted towards disruptions by booing anti-PVO Bill contributions. The would cheer those who aired pro-Zanu-PF submissions,” the source said.

Another source who attended the Harare proceedings alleged the  PVO Bill public hearing was abandoned after an individual voted against it. She was booed by youths mainly from Zanu PF and had to run for her life. The committee had to adjourn less than 10 minutes after the debate started.

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