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The Humanitarian Post Entertainment caught up with upcoming afro-jazz crooner who is biased towards gospel music, Millias Kadzungura  popularly known as Millie and held a discussion on his latest single 4 minutes 25 seconds  track  titled Anenzara.

Q: How are you Millias? How has been work in the studio lately?

A: I am good really good I must say. It has been a mixture of fun hectic work and pursuit of big dreams but all fulfilling at the same time.

Q: So who really is Millias?

A: Millie is a man aged 38 years, a father, husband, sports coach and passionate musician.

Q: I understand you just completed a single track recently. Please tell us about the song?

A: So this song is really about helping each other. Especially the ones who are marginalised, the street kid, street mother and street fathers. In whatever state they are, they need a helping hand. This song therefore encourages people to help and show some concern too.

Upcoming gospel music crooner,Millias Kadzungura

Q: What inspired you to work on the song?

A: I drew inspiration from every day experiences after catching glimpses of street children I see at traffic lights controlled intersections, food outlets, restaurants even just the streets of Harare. People who live on the streets come begging for money, food and most of the time they are treated inhumanely as if they do not deserve a decent living.

Q: There are some projects you completed in the recent past. Would you mind sharing information?

A: Oh yes! I have done a track titled Usatongere Mwari and Munhu MunhuUsatongere Mwari was really a personal song. Very personal I must say. My personal experiences motivated me to kick-off my career. At the same time I know the songs spoke to a lot of people who have been looked down upon. People who were thought to be ” Marombe” but no one really knew what God had bigger plans for them in store for them.

The track, Munhu munhu encourages the society to accept a people with their shortcomings and instead find ways to help them than just cursing them. If you are going to give or encourage or pray for them then let it be this will better their lives as opposed to killing them softly and leave them in a deeper pit of negative labels.

Q: It appears most of your songs are a blend of afro-jazz while reflecting on the goodness of God. Why is it so?

A: I have a strong Christian background and i believe on God. I cant thing of any higher Power than God himself.

Q: Any top artists whom you have worked with closely and why did you choose them?

A Not at the moment. I haven’t worked with any.

Q: What else do you do in life apart from music?

A: I am a Sports Trainer. Coaching Swimming, Basketball, Soccer and also a Fitness Coach.

Q: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

A: Ooh that’s a big question right there! I see myself running a Big Soccer Academy in Zimbabwe and a Wellness Centre. I also see myself with 15 completed albums in my name.

Q: Your last word to your fans and other musicians out there?

A: To my fans, let’s enjoy music learn from music and show love through music and please keep supporting,”munatsotipasa manyemwe.”  To other musicians, I say let’s press on guys and let’s make music that builds a community positively.

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