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MDC-Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa has called on citizens to prepare for change in the year ahead emphasising the importance of active participation at individual level.

The remarks comes at a time when the country is geared to participate in make or break election next year against a background where extreme poverty levels have deepened to an alarming 49% of the total population , according to World Bank estimates.

Past efforts to unseat the ruling Zanu-pf party since the turn of the millennium have however been futile amid accusations of election rigging levelled by most local independent and international observers.

Despite the past setbacks, Chamisa urged Zimbabweans to brace for a year of action as he took opportunity to wish fellow Zimbabweans a “very successful blessed, graced and of course a protected 2022.”

“This is a year to shine and make a difference. The best is yet to come .2022 is a year for citizen action and community leadership for change.

“Each citizen is a volunteer to change, everyone be an organizer, be a mobiliser, a recruiter and an educator. All the hands on the deck. We have to lead. We have to deliver change. We have to perform shine wherever we are. Be active, register to vote, and get many to register to vote, defend the victory.

“We must win Zimbabwe for change .I want to say this is the year to do i.e. have our work cut out for us. Let’s educate fellow citizens on the value of voting. Work to register and have those to register to vote. Make everyone to be ready to register to vote,” he said.

Chamisa underscored that citizens must work to volunteer organise recruit and educate fellow citizens for change. Let us do what we know best to make Zimbabwe a great country.

“Let excellence, brilliance and difference be our way of life this 2022.I wish you well and may God bless you,” he added.

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