UK based family heeds call, donates money to Mufakose mom

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A United Kingdom based Zimbabwean family has extended a donation of an unspecified amount of money to  Mufakose based lady, Eunice Tandi who was struggling to fend for her ailing son due to the Covid19 lockdown impact on informal traders

The article was first publishes by Humanitarian Post (HP)  on April 5 2020 and one of the site’s readers contacted the publishers in a bid to reach out to Tandi.

The HP crew shared Tandi’s contact details with the family and they managed to contact her.

However , when they were asked to accept an interview , they denied saying that they preferred privacy.

“We do not want our identities to be published as we believe that we must give quietly knowing that God is the only one who must appreciate our efforts,” said the family on condition of anonymity.

They also acknowledged having received part of the donation from their UK based friends.

Contacted for comment, Tandi thanked the family’s gesture and acknowledged having received the donation.

“I would like to thank the publication and the UK based family for blessing me with a donations despite the fact everyone is going through tough times due to the pandemic,” she said.

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