Mufakose woman breaks down as tells challenges in fending for her disabled son during lockdown

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WHILE the 21 days lock down appears to be a wise safety measure to minimise the spread of Coronavirus in Zimbabwe, for Eunice Tandi, the period signifies increased torture as she has very limited means to fend for her 10 year old disabled son,Kuzivakwashe.

As she narrated her ordeal Sunday, the woman who lost her husband broke down into tears as she struggled to explain how tough life has been during the first seven days.

“I sometimes survive on informal trade where I sell one or two things , but lately I have not been doing anything because I can’t secure enough capital .My son is both epileptic and autistic and he needs me close by most of the times,” she said.

The woman said her parents who live just two houses away from her lodgings, declined to give her accommodation due to her son’s condition.

The ban imposed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa prohibits all forms of trade except those involving goods deemed essential.

Quizzed on whether she has managed to access the cash transfers pledged by Finance Minister ,Mthuli Ncube recently  under the Covid19 measures, Tandi said ,” I have not received anything so is the case with some of the people with disabilities I interact with in Mufakose. Government has just been assisting us with maize meal over the past months.

“I often receive assistance from one organization called the Deaf Zimbabwe Trust and at one point I had to sell my fridge.I am struggling to pay rentals for our lodgings,” added Tandi.

Those willing to get in touch with her can use #263772442806.



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