Tariro Foundation of Zimbabwe Trust empowers PWD in Mutare

By Staff Writer

Tariro Foundation of Zimbabwe Trust, an organisation for persons with disabilities operating in Mutare and Makoni districts of Manicaland Province is implementing a project to empower persons with disabilities to do self-reliance projects.

The intervention being rolled out is a revolving project that will see the initial eight (8) groups that have been trained in the production of drinks, detergents (domestos, dishwasher, toilet cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, etc), floor polish, petroleum jelly, and green bar soap.

The beneficiary groups are comprised of ten members with four groups being supported in each of the districts the organisation is operating hence coming to eight in total.

The project came about after realising the challenges being faced by persons with disabilities and households that have a member with a disability.People With Disabilities (PWDs) suffer from a lack of employment as most of them do not have qualifications to be taken for employment, employers also lack confidence in the performance of persons with disabilities and lack of social development to cushion PWDs against unprecedented vulnerabilities.

 From these challenges,Tariro Foundation thought of implementing this project for the beneficiaries to do work while at home.

The time frame for the groups to be working under the monitoring of the Tariro Foundation of Zimbabwe team and passing on to the next group is six months.We believe the time frame is adequate for each group to realise ample profit for them to have their project sustainable after supporting the next group with a start-up kit.

At the lapse of the six months timeframe, the group will decide how they want to continue their project implementation that is they can choose between continuing working as a group or working as individuals. If they choose to disengage the group,they will share the resources available.

Support rendered to the groups by the Tariro Foundation of Zimbabwe includes training,marketing (including online), and support visits that will check on the challenges and successes the groups are encountering. The support visits are meant to check progress and proffer recommendations that will try to amplify the success of the project.

The organisation has made some strides to engage stakeholders who are individuals, organisations, institutions, and businesses who are potential clients of the products being produced by the groups.

The organisation has so far benefitted 80 beneficiaries with disabilities in the two Districts,Mutare and Makoni.

Gender disaggregation had more bias towards women/girls with disabilities who, most often suffer the brunt of economic hardships with the majority of them being single women as they are rejected by their husbands or in-law families due to their stature.6 out of 10 of the group members are women with disabilities.

 This design is meant to provide direct support or income to the households of persons with disabilities.

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