Starlink shifts launch in Zim to 2025

By Agencies

Starlink says it has shifted launching in Zimbabwe from Q3 2023 to sometime next year.

The service provider will not be making the service available until next year due to reasons yet to be announced.

According to StarLink online mapping platform whch initially had indicated to commence Q3 2024 but abruptly shifted to start 2025
Reasons for the shift are not yet clear as it does not state.

However in an interview with TechnoMag, Zimbabwe government minister of ICT said we are on track and everything is under control.

Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Dr. Tatenda Mavetera, outlined that efforts are underway to expedite these technical modalities, including ensuring compatibility with existing network providers and she said the target is to complete these preparations within two weeks, with plans for a full rollout by the third quarter of the year.

She emphasised that , “We are confident that we are going to launch soon”, and highlighted potential benefits such as cheaper backhaul access for operators in remote areas, where traditional infrastructure like fibre optics or cell towers is impractical.

Pressed to comment on the matter POTRAZ Director General Dr Machengete said he has no comment over StarLink issues as there is nothing to comment about.

Starlink has become a global leader in providing rapid and reliable internet, with Zimbabwe becoming the eighth country to license its services.

Credit: Technomag

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