Power cuts worsen as ZESA suffers system breakdown

By Staff Writer

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) Holdings has announced that a system disturbance occurred at Hwange Power Station Wednesday morning.

This resulted in the loss of power generation and increased load shedding nationwide.

According to the Zimbabwe Power Company, Hwange was generating 774MW, Kariba was producing 300MW, and IPPs were generating 31MW.

The system disturbance then indicates that the current locally generated power is now below 400MW, whereas the peak demand is 2,200MW.
In a statement, ZESA said they were working flat out to resolve the issue.

“ZESA Holdings would like to inform its valued customers that the national grid experienced a system disturbance this morning at 0938 hours, resulting in the loss of generation at the Hwange Power Station.

“This has resulted in increased load curtailment across the country.

“Our engineers are working flat out to ensure restoration of service in the shortest possible time.

“We sincerely apologise to our valued customers for any inconvenience caused,” ZESA said.

ZESA re-introduced long load-shedding schedules after it was forced to cut its power generation at the key Kariba plant.

The nation has been grappling with at least 18-hour power cuts and there is no proper solution in place till 2025.

The incessant blackouts that Zimbabwe has been experiencing are also attributed to dilapidated and outdated power-generating machines.

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