Outcry over UZ US$2, 50 per hour rate for part time lecturers

By Staff Writer

A letter purportedly originating from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) circulating on social media has drawn fire for clarifying that part time lecturers have to claim a paltry US$2,50 per hour.

A Memo dated March 13 2024 signed by one Mrs T. Makamure and addressed to Deans of Faculties, Chairpersons of Departments and Directors of Institutes revealed the matter which has just opened a can of worms.

“Please be advised that the Vice Chancellor approved a blended remuneration of Adjunct Lecturers with effects from 9 March 2024. Adjunct Lecturers (formerly Part-Time Lecturers) will now be paid their salary claims in both local currency and in United States dollars on a 50/50 basis.

“The United States dollar component will be calculated at two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) per hour while the Zimbabwean dollar component remains the same.

“This means that half their claims will be paid in Zimbabwean dollars and the other half in United States dollars up to a maximum of sixty (60) hours a month. Claim forms for Adjunct Lecturers must henceforth be denominated in both currencies as explained above,” the letter said.

A number of citizens have however criticized the institution for underpaying the lecturers .

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