NGOs express concerns over Chivayo’s conduct

By Staff Writer

THE Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) has expressed concerns over the leaked audios confirming state capture and tender deals  bordered on corrupt line.

This follows leaked audios purportedly from controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo confirming that he corruptly got a US$40 million windfall from a murky deal to supply the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) with biometric material for the 2023 general elections.

In a statement yesterday, CiZC spokesperson Marvellous Kumalo said the level of corruption in Zimbabwe has reached a point where good people can no longer remain quiet.

“It’s been confirmed that some suppliers provided materials to Zec without going through a competitive tender process. The August 2023 election had a budget of US$188 million. It did not have proper costing and worse, no transparent procurement process,” he said.

Shockingly, evidence has emerged that a server, which typically costs US$4 700, was purchased for US$1,2 million. This raises questions about the philosophy of mass ‘gutsa ruzhinji’ when a select few are looting State resources to buy cars.”

Kumalo said the US$188 million misspent could have been used to acquire grain for citizens affected by the drought or the much-needed equipment for public hospitals

He expressed concern over taxpayers being forced to travel to South Africa for cancer treatment and complex surgeries due to lack of facilities at home.

Kumalo called on Zimbabweans, including those in the ruling Zanu PF party, to unite in upholding and defending the country’s Constitution, reviving the principles of the liberation struggle and safeguarding the honour of the Office of the President.

“The level of corruption goes much deeper and wider than what has been reported in the media. Therefore, we demand the immediate establishment of a commission of inquiry to thoroughly investigate State capture and the Zec-gate scandal. Those found on the wrong side must face justice,” he said.

“We call upon all citizens, including those in Zanu PF, war veterans, youth, women, businessmen professionals, workers, miners, farmers and those in the diaspora to unite and take decisive action to promote and protect our Constitution.”

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