NetOne CSR beneficiaries hails 50% allowance hikes

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BENEFICIARIES of a community initiative to safeguard the NetOne’s infrastructure across the country’s rural communities have expressed gratitude over the service provider’s recent move to hike monthly allowances.

Under NetOne’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, around 900 rural based youths are currently manning the service provider’s base stations.

Some of the program’s beneficiaries who spoke to this publication expressed gratitude over the service provider’s move to award them a 50% allowance hike in foreign currency.

“We are very grateful of the recent gesture by the service provider which demonstrates commitment to align our needs to the current cost of living adjustments.We recently received a 50% increment and it s our hope that such adjustments continue to be effected,” one beneficiary said on condition of anonymity.

On its part, NetOne introduced the program as it was seen as a way of instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility within these communities with the dual advantage of keeping the youths off substance drugs abuse and vandalism, making them champions of economic development.

The program has since spread across the country.

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