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Mwonzora says he wants tactical politics, hints on GNU

By Staff Writer

MDC-Alliance leader , Douglas Mwonzora says he now wants tactical politics which avoids the unnecessary spilling of blood as he hinted on the formation of another Government of National Unity (GNU).

He made the remarks while addressing a crowd estimated at 2 000 people at the Zimbabwe grounds Sunday.

The  crowd’s size is the largest he has managed to pull since the launch of the by-elections campaign trail after a huge flop in the city of Chinhoyi last week where he had to call off the rally due to poor attendance.

 “We have seen enough squabbles, violence and spilling of blood and as MDC, we are saying we do not want politics of hatred, it is of no help. We want tactical politics, of rational disputation, peaceful disputation.

“We want dialogue, not that one becomes a president or a prime minister. We want dialogue to improve the livelihoods of the people. Some will challenge, but it can’t be stopped. It is like cyclone rainwater, it falls all day.  That is how I fight,” he said.

He stressed that despite hate language against his agenda, there shall be dialogue between his party and the ruling Zanu-pf.

 This dialogue , Mwonzora said  shall be in the best interest of the people of Zimbabwe. No amount of hate language, propaganda, names that you give to me will change the idea whose hour has come.

“This is the hour of dialogue.  The enemies of democracy can howl and growl, but we are going to have dialogue to end poverty, unemployment, international isolation of our country, to achieve health for all and to make sure that there are labour rights,” Mwonzora said.

The opposition leader who has led a “ghostly” political party since taking over the helm of the MDC-T is widely perceived as a Zanu-pf functionary tasked to destabilize dissent political voices in Zimbabwe.  

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